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Over Twenty Five Years & Still Growing
Education Together Foundation held its first Awards Night in 1988 and provided scholarships totaling $6,663.This year, thanks to the generous and unwavering support of our fund sponsors, Education Together Foundation is able to award a record $86,967 in scholarships and grants to 59 deserving students, and ten community educational organizations.

Total awarded since $1,052,082!!

The Board Members thank the many contributors who support our Annual Scholarship Funds, the First Baptist Church for hosting the awards ceremony, and to those who donate generously to the Education Together Endowments which builds a sustainable source of funding for the future.

Education Together Foundation’s scholarship selection process is designed to avoid instances where potential conflicts of interests may arise or situations where undue influence could be employed for the advantage of any applicant.

All scholarship applications are screened and reviewed by a panel of community volunteers who verify that they do not have any possible Conflict of Interest with the applicant pool. Applications are scored on four elements: completeness of the application, grade point average, the written essay, and letters of recommendation. The members of the Scholarship Review Committee remain anonymous for the purpose of insulating them from any influences from the applicant, the applicant’s family or friends, or the community. Each member of the committee reviews the applications separately, and not in a group. The results of the review process are not shared with the board until all applications have been reviewed.

The Education Together Foundation Scholarship Chair makes the initial assignment of applicants to available scholarships based upon ratings received from the Scholarship Committee and the specific scholarship requirements. The Scholarship Chair then presents their recommendation to the board for vote of approval. The recommendations are presented by assigned designator (number) rather than by applicant name to further protect the selection process. Any board member who may have a potential conflict of interest with any applicant is required to announce that conflict of interest and excuse themselves from the discussion and vote.

Each applicant is notified in writing whether they are awarded a scholarship of if they will not be awarded a scholarship. The Scholarship Chair is available for questions on the status of an application only after the applicant has been notified in writing.


ETF Grant Endowment (est. 2002)
Presenter: Lynda Taylor

  This year ‘s funds of $9000 for Community and School Grants is a combination the of Education Together Foundation Grant Fund Endowment ($,7000) and The Long Tom Grange School Programs Endowment ($2,000).

Territorial Elementary School:  Prometheum Board

Laurel Elementary School: Prometheum Board

Oaklea Middle School: 10 Google Chromebooks

Junction City High School: 
Journalism Conference, Raza Unida Youth Conference, Marine Science Center Trip, Summer Bridge Program.


For the 2015-2016  fiscal Year -$9000  will be available for School and Community Grants.  $7000 is from the ETF Grand Funding Endowment and $2000 is from the Long Tom Grange School Programs endowment.


 Educational Programs and Projects

A contributing sponsor of an endowment or annual donation may choose to award their gift to an educational program or project within the Junction City School district community

Board Leadership/Governance
  Presented by: Gary Nelson  
  Educational Award: $500 to ETF Board Development Fund
Jim Paull Memorial Scholarship
  Presented by: Gary Nelson
Educational Award: $500
Awarded to: Laurel Elementary Health Dept.

Lochmead Dairy’s 50th Anniversary Celebration
Orchard’s Table was designated as an annual fundraiser and Education Together Foundation was their first recipient. The proceeds from that evening will be added in 2016/2017 to the Community and School Grants Endowment and will be distributed through the School Grants to the four schools in JCSD on an annual basis.

Swimming Pool Fund
A long term fundraising effort by many community members to construct a cover for the community swimming pool has been determined to be unattainable. This project was chaired by Orine Brunscheon was never able to reach fruition. Those funds were passed to ETF with the direction that they be used to assist with funding swimming lessons at the community pool for children of the JCSD.

Adult Career Education Opportunities Fund Awards

Education Together received a $70,000 grant from the Chichester-DuPont Foundation for adults seeking training or schooling which will enhance their career opportunities.

In the past few years, $19,500 has been distributed  to 26 adults seeking training to expand their employment opportunities.  Plus, The Adult Career Education Opportunities Fund has funded 25 Adults in the English as a Second Language  class at the Junction Community Center.


Tiger Alumni Scholarship Fund

In December 1999, the Education Together Foundation Board started a campaign to reach JCHS Tiger Alumni to establish an endowment scholarship for JCHS graduating seniors. Setting an initial goal of $30,000, they have now received donations exceeding $180,000 from over 700 JCHS alumni and from the Scandia Golf proceeds. The new goal is to raise $200,000.

ETF’s Tiger Alumni is challenging each JCHS graduating class to raise total funds equaling or exceeding their graduating year.


To see the list so far and donate, go to the Tiger Alumni page

Tiger Alumni Scholarships  presented by Pam Fiske
  Education Award of $1,000: Devon Morris
Education Award of $1,000: Abigail Smith
Education Award of $1,000: Joshua Swancutt
Education Award of $1,000: Grace Wilson
Education Award of $1,000: Niki Wisegarver


ETF Legacy Fund Scholarships

On October 3, 2015, Education Together Foundation held its fifth annual Legacy Scholarship Gala. At that event, friends and supporters donated the funds that sponsor these four 2016 scholarships. Thank You to all community members who attended this event.

Presented by Harley Hagen

  Educational Award of $2,000: Sofia Baum
  Educational Award of $2,000: Emily Mumford
  Educational Award of $2,000: Christina Puderbaugh
  Educational Award of $2,000: Brandon Raffin