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Many companies match their employees’ charitable donations. A matching gift can significantly increase the impact of your donation. Check with the Human Resources staff at your employer to see if matching gifts are available.
Wills and Estate Planning Through Estate Bequests and Trusts

Estate planning gifts to ETF can be made in the form of a bequest (cash, securities, or property and/or a variety of trusts). ETF’s ability to receive proceeds from such gifts was enhanced when ETF recently joined forces with the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF). Not only will ETF rely on OCF’s professional money managers, but OCF will also provide an experienced staff to provide counsel in the establishment of gift transactions and trusts. The Education Together Board is pleased to be able to offer this expertise now available through the
Oregon Community Foundation.

To make an estate planning gift to the Education Together Foundation will ultimately require the involvement of your professional estate planner. If, at any time, you desire to involve ETF in your planning, please contact ETF committee members Harley Hagen (541-998-8606. At your request the Oregon Community Foundation staff can be relied upon for their expertise. Be assured that your disclosures will be held in the strictest confidence.

Questions You Might Ask...
Why is ETF now asking for estate gifts?
Since inception, ETF has relied upon annual gifts to accomplish its mission. The Heritage Endowment holds the promise of adding financial stability and strength to ETF’s ability to continue its worthy purpose.
What should I do if I want to consider making an estate-planning gift to the Education Together Foundation?
Talk to your estate planner. He or she can amend your current will or trust to include the appropriate gift language.
What types of gifts could I consider?
ETF is in a position to receive proceeds from either a bequest or from one of a variety of trusts. Bequests can be made in a cash amount, a percentage of the estate, securities (i.e. stocks and bonds), and/or property. There are a variety of trusts. Your estate-planning professional can best advise you on which one best meets your needs.
What is ETF’s role in my decision?
Really nothing. This is your decision. While it is not necessary, the ETF Endowment Committee would appreciate learning of your intent to include the foundation in your estate. Committee members are Ray Swart, Janet Gibson, and Harley Hagen. Be assured that your disclosures to members of the ETF Board will be held in the strictest confidence. If you have any questions relating to how your gift would enhance the purpose of the ETF, please feel free to contact any of the board members.


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