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The Education Together Foundation was founded in 1987 to pursue a vigorous campaign to increase the 70-year-old Junction City School Districtís tax base to a level of funding that would be closer to actual expenditures. Following this successful effort, the core people involved felt that the positive community spirit that resulted could be permanent if channeled into other projects supporting education.

Recognizing the importance of stable funding, in June 2005 the Education Together board voted to transfer 21 existing endowment funds to the Oregon Community Foundation,. The OCF/Education Together Foundation Endowment Fund and its sub-funds are overseen by the Oregon Community Foundationís board and investment committee, and the assets are invested as part of OCFís professionally managed billion dollar asset pool.

The Oregon Community Foundation, founded in 1973 in partnership with its donors, enhances Oregonís quality of life by building a permanent endowment. OCF manages more than 1,700 charitable funds for individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations like the Education Together Foundation, in an endowment that totals over $1.1 billion.

Education Together receives annual distributions from the invested funds to support a part of its annual scholarship program. In 2012, the value of ETFís 31 endowment funds exceeded $900,000. In addition, ETF receives annual donations from 30 individuals, organizations and businesses to support annual scholarships in their names.

  The catalyst for the Education Together Foundation was an enthusiastic interest in emphasizing the positive influence that education had upon our community and in our society in general. The steering committee created this foundation to enhance educational opportunities for residents of the Junction City School District.
  Since its inception, the Education Together Foundation has funded education at all stages from kindergarten to adult continuing education. The foundation has funded amounts as small as the cost of a $34 GED certificate to individual scholarships of more than $3,000. A large number of students have benefited from receiving a scholarship from their own community raised from local contributors and high school alumni. Women from domestic abuse situations have gained self-esteem from simply being awarded a scholarship, and later commented that it made them feel as though someone really believed in them. High school students bound for college are given a glowing message of encouragement when they receive a scholarship from the foundation, and younger students have created a book publishing center, gardens, and a nature center with these funds.
  Junction City is unique among small towns in having a non-profit education foundation to provide financial assistance for continuing education. The impact upon and support from our community has been tremendous. However, although we have expanded our funding significantly since 1987 and managed the funds in such a way that they benefit as many applicants as possible, the number of applicants seems to multiply as each funding year goes by. What this means is that we are forced to turn down a number of deserving applicants because of the limited funds available.
   Foundation Support
  The Education Together Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation administered by a volunteer Board of Directors. It grows through the giving of private contributors, bequests and corporate and foundation grants. Some donors give annually; others have established permanently endowed funds to ensure the continuation of foundation assistance.
  Foundation grants support efforts to enhance local school education. Grants are used by teachers to expand classroom lessons; they are also used for community workshops and educational presentations.
   Tiger Alumni Campaign
  In December of 1999 a campaign began to share the Foundation's vision with former Junction City High School graduates. The Tiger Alumni Fund was established by the Education Together Foundation. It has surpassed its original $30,000 fundraising goal by close to $120,000.The goal of the fund is to support Junction City High School graduates in continuing their education by awarding two to three individual $1,000 scholarships annually. This outstanding accomplishment was made possible thanks to many JCHS contributors, spanning graduating classes from 1921 to2011.Thank you to all who have contributed.

In addition, there is an ongoing Tiger Class Challenge:
Can YOUR class contribute the amount equal to the year they graduated?
These classes, 1950, 1959, 1960,1974, 1976, and 1979 have met the Tiger Class Challenge