Just imagine.... 
The photographer loads up his tripod, glass plates, and a large view camera and makes his way to the top of the grain elevator. Perhaps he's lucky enough to find a window on the uppermost housing. More likely, he makes his way carefully out on the gently sloping roof to set up his equipment. A bitter wind chills him as, with numb fingers, he methodically sets his wooden tripod in place and attaches the large wooden box to it. Reaching into the satchel he's slung over his shoulder, he reaches in and removes one of the glass plates he's prepared beforehand on the ground far below. 
All during his work, two curious children come out of their house and stand on the boardwalk to watch this madman unfolding his equipment high above them. 
When he finally comes down, he's definitely going to need some of Dr. Abernethy's Green Ginger elixir to warm his bones. (For medicinal purposes, of course!)

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