Welcome to our photo album of Junction City's unique and continuing events.
 It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words (450, accounting for inflation), so that's what you'll find here.

Some of the stories here here are regular events in Junction City (like the Light Parade) and are updated each time they occur. Others (like the day we moved the original Junction City jail) are one-time events. So grab yourself another cup of coffee or some bottled water and enjoy!

The 2008 Light Parade MARCH The Daffodil Drive Festival
This is surely one of the most popular annual events here in Junction City. In fact, it's one of the most popular Daffodil Festivals in the whole country! The two day event features live music, food, crafts, and of course lots and lots of daffodils!
The drive from Territorial Road along Ferguson Rd. to the end is filled with miles and miles of daffys!
Daffodil Festival MARCH -For over 40 years it was called "Daffodil Drive". Now, it's grown to 2 days with many events. A great intro to spring! Next Festival is March 16 & 17, 2019
April Fools Day APRIL - Oh, we bad! Are YOU one of the ones that thought this might be real? (And just how many people did you tell?!)
Pet Parade  MAY - Chickens and rabbits and horses - Oh My! Take a look at this year's creative entries as they parade through downtown
Function 4 Junction JUNE - Each year hundreds of classic and show cars parade through the center of town along Ivy Street - as hundreds of people line the streets. Here's a look at just a few of the great automobiles from this year's Function - and links to past year's Functions too!
Ole Writes about Festival  AUGUST - Our newly-arrived Scandinavian friend gets a surprise look at his first Scandinavian Festival.
Scandinavian Festival AUGUST - Photos from the Scandinavian Festival,
Halloween in Junction   OCTOBER - The best of the best of Halloween porch and house decorations throughout the city.
Light Parade DECEMBER - With Santa in the lead, the holiday season is begun with an evening fantasy of millions of lights parading down Hwy. 99. Includes archives of all past parades.
Bill Stumps For Hillary Former President Bill Clinton in the J.C.H.S. gym!
The Flags of Junction City A tour of our neighborhoods after September 11, 2001
Beach Party Bash A beach party and volleyball game (with sand!) downtown. 
Pitney Learning Center Dedication of the LCC Jim Pitney Learning Center, June 2000
Vard's 90th Birthday A special celebration for a special resident.
Moving the Jail Doesn't look much like a jail, but it was ours c.1920.
Goodbye to Good Friends Two businesses close as the owners plan to golf more.
Fire in the Pitney House Our volunteer Fire Department in action!