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Fire Threatens Pitney House
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.October 15, 1998 - The Pitney House nearly became another story in Junction City's history of fires when flames broke out in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Volunteer firemen from both Junction City and Harrisburg responded to the call and were on the scene within ten minutes. The fire climbed inside the walls as smoke billowed out from under the roof, but thanks to the skill and quick arrival of the volunteers the house was saved from total distruction.

It was an event that affected many Junction City residents who have been donating their materials and labor to restore the old home bequethed to the Historical Society by Mary Pitney's estate. Only last week, they had moved Junction City's  newly-discovered first prison to a location behind the house. The prison is safe, and was untouched by the fire.

According to Junction City fire chief Dave Harlacher, the damage will be minimal, and result mostly in replacing some inner walls and structural beams in the roof. Water damage was kept to a minimum as several firemen carried out furniture from the upstairs.