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The 47th Annual BPW Pet Parade for 2001 fell on el Cinco de Mayo - so a preponderance of Mexican-flavored costumes were the order of the day.

We had great weather for the Parade, and lots of other events too.  Dump trucks and gravel trucks were available for children to climb on, a book sale held to benefit the library, and several food vendors made this one of the best Pet Parades ever.

Grand Marshall Blanche Miller led the parade with chauffeur Ms. Kitty in the Goodinmobile.
Bienvenidos a la Pet Parade 2001!

"Small Dogs" were only one of 18 colorful categories.

Lots of "horsin' around" on this day

 Junction City goes to the dogs.

Big dogs, little kids

How do you say "arf arf" in Spanish?

My brother the....pet?

Big hat, big dog, big parade!

My pal, 7 wheels, and the open road.

The Three Amigas after the Parade.